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From setting a price to attracting buyers to negotiating an agreement, it's much more involved than merely planting a For Sale sign on your lawn. There are a series of choices, each of which can make a distinct difference in the final outcome.


Whether you're a first-time seller or you have plenty of experience, you're bound to have questions. I am available to help, and answer those questions. There is much more than price involved when negotiating your deal. I will help you know and understand the many different aspects of negotiating the deal that helps you move on to your next home purchase.

I have successfully negotiated dozens of short sales preventing many families from having to go through the foreclosure process. If you are in danger of losing your home to foreclosure, you have options. Please call me to discuss the options and challenges before you.


8 Key Points

1. Be real about pricing. Today’s buyers are very well educated about comparable sales in the area. So much information is out there, and it’s important to compare like homes in your neighborhood.

2. Access is essential. You need to be sure buyers have total access to view your home. If your home can’t be shown, it can’t be sold. Make it easy for agents to preview and show your home.

3. De-personalize. You need to help other people to see your home as “their” home. Remove the items that make this your home like family pictures, to do lists, religious items, and other items that might be considered personal items or taste.

4. De-clutter. You plan on leaving the home soon, and will need to pack anyway…. Get an earl jump on things and clean up all the clutter. This will help your home look bigger, cleaner and also help to de-personalize the space.

5. Listen to your agent. Just as you are a professional in what you do for a living, full time agents do this day in and day out and have a great working knowledge of the market. I always want what is best for my clients. I always put your interests above mine.

6. Set your home apart. Leave some things behind. Offer the washer and dryer, refrigerator, a home warrantee; things like this will help you get the advantage over other homes on the market. Offering to pay closing costs is another way to help set your home apart from the others. Most sellers are paying closing costs anyway in this market so why not advertise it.

7. Let your neighbors know your house is for sale. Your neighbors can help you sell and pick their new neighbor. Your neighbors are living in the area already, and may have friends and family that want to be there as well. This is a great way to help get the word out. Also make sure your home is on Facebook. It’s a great tool to get the word out, make sure your friends “share” the post with their friends as well.

8. Curb Appeal - Always make sure the outside says welcome. Not only cleaning up inside but outside as well. Nothing says welcome as a few new vibrant and healthy potted plants near the front door, driveway clear of toys, garbage cans and swept clean. Walkways swept clean and even consider a few new fragrant plants alone the walk for an aromatic stroll.